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Book Blitz: The Reckless Union by Monica Murphy

The Reckless UnionMonica Murphy(Arranged Marriage, #3)Publication date: August 16th 2022Genres: Adult, Contemporary, RomanceOur marriage may look like a fairytale, but outside forces threaten to tear us apart. Don’t they realize that nothing will keep me apart from Charlotte? Not my family. Not hers either. What started out as a relationship in name only has evolved... Continue Reading →

Book Blitz: Saving Sophie by Debbie Schrack

Saving SophieDebbie SchrackPublication date: April 26th 2022Genres: Contemporary, Romance, Young AdultSeventeen-year-old Gabe Hunter knows he has a purpose in life. He has always strived to be the “best of the best,” but lately nothing has gone his way. Gabe was devastated six months earlier when his half-brother Josh had a drunk driving accident that killed... Continue Reading →

Book Blitz: Peaches and Cream by S. London

Peaches and CreamS. LondonPublication date: August 3rd 2022Genres: Adult, Contemporary, RomanceGabriel Abruzzo Soft. Ripe. Juicy. Her name is Empress. I asked, she didn’t tell. The new masseuse at The Governor is quiet and delicate. Delicate things get broken in the underworld, but Empress is on edge, those dark eyes harboring a thousand nightmares. Edgy gets... Continue Reading →

Book Blitz: Child of Etherclaw by Matty Roberts

Child of EtherclawMatty RobertsPublication date: August 2nd 2022Genres: Dystopian, Science Fiction, Young AdultThe bonds of family go well beyond blood. But can those bonds hold when the blood itself carries a devastating secret? Fenlee’s opal necklace had always radiated a certain warmth since her mother’s death. But now, at sixteen, her world begins to unravel... Continue Reading →

Book Blitz: A Coup of Tea by Casey Blair

A Coup of TeaCasey Blair(Tea Princess Chronicles, #1)Publication date: August 2nd 2022Genres: Adult, FantasyWhen the fourth princess of Istalam is due to dedicate herself to a path serving the crown, she makes a choice that shocks everyone, herself most of all: She leaves. In hiding and exiled from power, Miyara finds her place running a... Continue Reading →

Book Blitz: Awaken by Vanessa MacLellan

AwakenVanessa MacLellanPublication date: July 30th 2022Genres: Adult, Dark Fantasy, Fantasy, HorrorBalin stands between two great Powers. One will shatter his mind; the other will destroy his soul. Only one of them can save his people. Fort Resonbirg, a Norse stronghold in the New World, is besieged by the evil sorcerer Ursulard the Dreamspinner. Though their... Continue Reading →

Book Blitz: Double Dog Dare by Tracy Solheim

Double Dog DareTracy Solheim(Milwaukee Growlers, #2)Publication date: July 25th 2022Genres: Adult, Contemporary, RomanceThey say he who dares wins… Luke Kessler is known for his daring play on the field and his carefully scripted life off it. The Growlers’ wide receiver has a strict rule of dating one carefully chosen woman per season, then letting her... Continue Reading →

Book Blitz: It Started with a Dance by Tinia Montford

It Started with a DanceTinia Montford(Pacific Grove University, #2)Publication date: July 28th 2022Genres: Adult, Contemporary, New Adult, RomanceWILL THEY PULL OFF THE PERFECT PERFORMANCE? It’s double time for Cami Clinton… Dance is in Cami’s blood, but a bombshell diagnosis puts her on the sidelines. Now returning for her senior year of college, she’s determined to... Continue Reading →

Book Blitz: Yearning to Live by Shirley Anne Edwards

Yearning to LiveShirley Anne Edwards(Finding the Strength, #4)Publication date: July 24th 2022Genres: Contemporary, LGBTQ+, New Adult, RomanceA self-proclaimed ordinarily average girl meets the one larger than life person who will make her yearn for so much more. Natalie Benton has nursed enough heartbreak in her twenty-one years. But she doesn’t like to complain even though... Continue Reading →

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