Book Blitz: Catching Quinn by Jennifer Bonds

Catching QuinnJennifer Bonds(Waverly Wildcats, #2)Publication date: June 28th 2022Genres: Contemporary, New Adult, Romance, SportsWhat’s a girl have to do to lose her virginity around here? When I decided to ditch my V-card, I figured Greek Row was a sure thing. I didn’t count on Cooper-the-cockblocking-jockhole-DeLaurentis or his misguided sense of bro code putting an embarrassing... Continue Reading →

Book Blitz: Rebel One by J.S. Christine

Rebel OneJ.S. Christine(Melkin Series, #1)Publication date: May 13th 2022Genres: New Adult, RomanceLacey Carson dreams of experiencing the world outside of the mundane town her father limits her to. “Go big or go home”? Lacey is already wrapped up in her comforter before that question can be finished. Her fight or flight instinct falls hard in... Continue Reading →

Book Blitz: Ethereal Bodies

Ethereal BodiesAli Lucia Sky(The Powers That Be, #3)Publication date: April 11th 2022Genres: New Adult, Paranormal, RomanceWhat happens when a Maker falls in love and no amount of wishing will bring back his soulmate? Lexa Penby has always been happy being the loyal friend. She knows her worth and forgiving the Maker, Tristan, for his many... Continue Reading →

Release Day: Stealing Home

I'm pumped to share Stealing Home at last. When I first wrote Full Count, Chuck was one of my favorite characters. He's smart, funny, and delicious. He wasn't exactly the nicest guy in Game On, either. But human nature is all about perception, right? There's a reason the popular girls or guys are popular, even... Continue Reading →

Cover Reveal: Just One Song

I am soooooo excited to share the cover of Just one Song! After I finished Just One Summer, I didn't feel like the stories of Mountain View Theater were done. Enter Cami Harris and Dylan Walker. Just One Song is set 2 years after the events of Just One Summer and some of our old... Continue Reading →

New Release: Rebel Princess

Rebel Princess is now live... as of yesterday. OOPS! The holiday weekend has put me a tad behind. 🙂 Story of my life, y'all! I'm super excited for everyone to read my modern retelling of Hunchback of Notre Dame. You can grab your copy here for $2.99 or read for free with Kindle Unlimited! Don't... Continue Reading →

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